Foundational Digital Marketing Training (Online)

~ Creating an effective digital marketing strategy
~ Profitable use of social media
~ Inbound Marketing
~ E
mail Marketing
~ Lead Generation

Our next foundational digital marketing training comes up on 18 August 2021 @ 10am. It gives participants a firm foundation with live practical sessions

N30,000 N10,500 Only (Limited offer)


Get Clients

Learn how to get valuable clients online, who are interested in your business & more likely to patronize you.

Free SEO

FREE SEO evaluation & advice for the first 10 foundational digital marketing training participants.

Live Training

The training will be live & instructor-led. You will be able to practice what you have seen in the class

Support Team

All participants will be part of a support group for the rest of the year

What participants are saying

"We generated 7-figure income with 3 months of using the strategies taught at the digital marketing training. My business has seen a definite turn around. Thanks to the Hostbuka team."
Edith Okorie
"Our company saw results within a few months of implementing what we learnt. We have been generating more income and with patronage from multinationals."
Ajoke Amoo
Head Caterer

What is digital marketing

It is the promotion of goods & services on the internet and other digital means of communication. There are several approaches to marketing on the internet. These include

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click

The approach used depends on marketing goals. This could be brand awareness, increasing website visits, generating leads, etc. Marketing goals determine the approach used. Sign-up for our digital marketing training now, and enjoy a limited time discount.

Is digital marketing important

Digital marketing gives your business leverage online. This is something similar to standing on a big stage in the middle of a huge crowd with a microphone, loudspeakers and big screens.

The ability of your company to be at the the top of people’s minds, attract customers that are likely to pay for your services and improve ROI online, must be deliberate. 

Depending on which approach a business follows, digital marketing must be deliberate and consistent.

Marketing campaigns involves putting your goods and services before people who indicate interest or have done so in the past. This way, the chances of actual purchases is greatly increased. 

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